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Routines in our Turtles room are very flexible. We aim to create a home like environment where children are supported in their usual eat/sleep/play routines. An “All about me sheet” will be sent home so you can provide us with detailed information about your child’s usual day. Please don’t be alarmed if you find from time to time your child’s day slightly varies from your routine at home, we find some children respond very differently in care to at home. Some children may sleep more than usual because the days are filled with so many new things to explore, where some children may sleep less as they aren’t use to the new distractions around them (like sharing a cot room with other children) Our educators will strive each day to ensure each child has their needs individually met. It is important that as your child progresses you update us so we can keep to a routine as close as possible to the one you have created at home.

At Scribblz we closely follow best practice as outlined by Red nose (formerly SIDS and kids). For your child this means we cannot put them to bed with toys, a bottle, heavy blankets, a pillow, teething necklace or a dummy chain. We recommend sleeping bags with arm holes (sleeping bags without arm holes cannot be used once a child has learnt to roll). Our sleep times are very flexible so please keep us updated on your child’s preferred sleep times as they progress.

We go through an average of 4-5 nappies per day. We have set nappy change times throughout the day but as most children do, they often soil themselves once the fresh nappy is on which can increase the nappies we go through each day. Nappies can be placed in your child’s designated section in our nappy change room, please check your child’s nappy supply regularly to ensure they don’t run out.

  • To ensure your children are working on increasing their water intake as they get older we recommend bringing in a favourite or familiar water bottle from home.
  • If your child is having breast milk throughout the day please ensure the bottle is labelled with your child’s name and the date of expression.
  • For formula fed babies please bring in the correct number of bottles required with the cooled boiled water already inside. Formula must be kept separate in dispensers that have the formula already measured inside. Our educators will then make it up fresh for your child when they are ready for it.
  • Once your child is on cow’s milk we will provide it. If they require specialty milk like soy or lactose free then you will need to provide it fresh each week. Please note, we cannot accept any milk that contains nuts or flavouring.
  • Please note, we do not wash or sterilise bottles or water bottles. After use we rinse the bottle then send them home for cleaning. We recommend that water bottles are taken home daily for cleaning.

Babies have particularly sensitive skin that needs to be protected from the sun’s harmful rays. We require all children to wear sun smart clothing that cover their shoulders. There is sunscreen available in the foyer for you to put on your child each morning, our educators will then re-apply throughout the day. There is a stamp located next to the sunscreen in the foyer for you to place on your child’s hand so that we know they already have sunscreen applied.

No food is to be brought into the centre due to the various allergies children may have. Our qualified Chef can cater for dietary requirements including your child’s first food. Please keep us updated on your child’s progress with food, we do not try new foods with children until they have been tested at home. Once your child starts progressing form purees into soft finger food and eventually to solids we would love to hear about it so we can keep the practice happening here.

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